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                       Our analysis sheets are now available online over the internet as well as by fax!. (NEW PRICE PLAN - NOW YOU WILL NEVER BE CHARGED MORE THAN $150.00 PER MONTH NO MATTER HOW MANY SELECTION SHEETS AND REPORTS YOU ACCESS, NO NEED TO JOIN ANY SPECIAL PLAN, THIS WILL BE AUTOMATIC!!!!!)  Faxed reports are not included and are $3.00 per track for Analysis Reports and $3.00 per Selection Sheet. You will be charged only $2.00 each for the first two race analysis reports OR cyberspace report accessed, $1.00 for the third one accessed and all others after that are free PER DAY! In other words you will never be charged more than $5.00 per day for the race analysis reports and cyberspace reports. Other selection sheets are $2.00 and $5.00 each. An immediate account can be opened   with a credit  card over the phone  by calling 1-405-840-2124 to subscribe. There will be an initial fee of $30.00 to open the account but that $30.00 is available to you as credit and there is no minimum or time limit in using up that credit. If you download one report on five separate days for a total of $10.00 the first month, you will still have a credit of $20.00. If you download a $100.00 worth the first month, you will be charged only $70.00 and so on until your initial credit is used up.    (Hours 9:00 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.C.T., Tuesday through Saturday, and 2 p.m. Sunday and Monday). Written inquiries can also be emailed to wnrscircle2@cs.com or  mailed to:

                                             THE WINNER'S CIRCLE

                                             Fax and Computer Services

                                             P. O. Box 13693

                                             Oklahoma City, OK   73113

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