(Tracks in paranthesis may not be simulcast at Remington Park)

Suggested Play FOR BOTH THE Don Quixote Race Analysis reports and Cyberspace Reports

EXPLANATION for the Cyberspace Reports

JUNE 09, 2020 REPORTS                                BTPLS,  LADFMTMNR (TDN)

Cyberspace (Expanded Format)   BTP,  LS,  LAD,  FMT,  MNR (TDN)

JUNE 08, 2020 REPORTS                              TAM,  LRL,  LS,  LADFMTMNR

Cyberspace (Expanded Format)  TAM,  LRL,  LS,  LAD,  FMT,  MNR

JUNE 07, 2020 REPORTS                              CDGPWO,  BEL, SAGGMNR

Cyberspace (Expanded Format) CDGP,  WOBELSAGGMNR

JUNE 06, 2020 REPORTS                               LRLGP,  CDWOBEL, SAGGLADEVDCT

Cyberspace (Expanded Format) LRLGPCD,  WO,  BELSAGG,  LADEVDCT

JUNE 05, 2020 REPORTS                                BTPLRLCDGPBELSA,  GGEVDCT

Cyberspace (Expanded Format) BTP,  LRLCDGP,  BELSAGGEVDCT

JUNE 04, 2020 REPORTS                                  BEL,  CDGGBTPCTTDN

Cyberspace (Expanded Format)  BELCD,  GGBTPCTTDN

JUNE 03, 2020 REPORTS                                 BELGPTAM , LS (ASD)

Cyberspace (Expanded Format)  BEL, GP, TAM, LS (ASD)

JUNE 02, 2020 REPORTS                                 LSMNR (ASD, FE)

Cyberspace (Expanded Format)  LS,  MNR (ASD, FE)

JUNE 01, 2020 REPORTS                                 LRLTAM,  MNR,  LS  ( ASD )

Cyberspace (Expanded Format)  LRLTAM,  MNR,  LS  ( ASD )

MAY 31,   2020  REPORTS                               CDGPLRLSAGGMNR

Cyberspace (Expanded Format)  CD,  GP,  LRLSA,  GGMNR

MAY 30,   2020  REPORTS                             CDGPLRLTAMSAGGCT

Cyberspace (Expanded Format) CD,  GP,  LRL,  TAM,  SAGG,  CT

MAY 29,   2020  REPORTS                           CDGPTAM,  SAGGCT

Cyberspace (Expanded Format) CDGP,  TAM,  SAGGCT

MAY 28,   2020  REPORTS                     CDGP  (CT)

Cyberspace (Expanded Format)   CD,  GP  (CT)

MAY 27,   2020  REPORTS                    FONTAM (   ASD)

Cyberspace (Expanded Format)  FON,  TAM (ASD)

MAY 26,   2020  REPORTS                       ASDFON

Cyberspace (Expanded Format)   ASD,  FON

MAY 25,   2020  REPORTS                      CDGP,  SA, GG (FON)

Cyberspace (Expanded Format) CDGPSAGG (FON)

MAY 24,   2020  REPORTS                      CDGPLSSA, GG

Cyberspace (Expanded Format) CD,  GP,  LS,  SA, GG

MAY 23,   2020  REPORTS                     CDGPTAMSALS,  GGCT

Cyberspace (Expanded Format)  CDGP,  TAM,  SALSGG,  CT

MAY 22,   2020  REPORTS                    CD,  GPTAMSA,  CTGG,  LS

Cyberspace (Expanded Format)   CD,  GP,  TAM,   SA,  CTGG,  LS

MAY 21,   2020  REPORTS                CD GP,  GGCT

Cyberspace (Expanded Format)  CD GP,  GG CT     

MAY 20,   2020  REPORTS                   TAMWRD

Cyberspace (Expanded Format) TAMWRD

MAY 19,   2020  REPORTS                   FON WRD

Cyberspace (Expanded Format)FON,  WRD

MAY 18,   2020  REPORTS                   FONWRD

Cyberspace (Expanded Format)FON WRD

MAY 17,   2020  REPORTS           CD GP,  SAGG

Cyberspace (Expanded Format) CD,  GP,  SA GG 

MAY 16,   2020  REPORTS          CDGP,  TAMSAGGCT

Cyberspace (Expanded Format) CDGP,  TAM,  SAGG,  CT      

MAY 15,   2020  REPORTS                   GPTAM,  CT,  GG, SA

Cyberspace (Expanded Format) GP,  TAM,  CT,  GG, SA

MAY 14,   2020  REPORTS                   GP,  CTGG

Cyberspace (Expanded Format) GP,  CTGG

MAY 13,   2020  REPORTS                  FONTAMWRD

Cyberspace (Expanded Format)FONTAMWRD

MAY 12,   2020  REPORTS                   FONWRD

Cyberspace (Expanded Format)FONWRD

MAY 11,   2020  REPORTS                   FONWRD

Cyberspace (Expanded Format)FONWRD

MAY 10,   2020  REPORTS               GP

Cyberspace (Expanded Format) GP

MAY 09,   2020  REPORTS               GP,  TAM

Cyberspace (Expanded Format) GPTAM

MAY 08,   2020  REPORTS               GP,  TAM

Cyberspace (Expanded Format) GPTAM

MAY 07,   2020  REPORTS               GP

Cyberspace (Expanded Format) GP

MAY 06,   2020  REPORTS               FONTAMWRD

Cyberspace (Expanded Format) FONTAM WRD

MAY 05,   2020  REPORTS               FONWRD

Cyberspace (Expanded Format) FON WRD

MAY 04,   2020  REPORTS               FONWRD

Cyberspace (Expanded Format) FONWRD

MAY 03,   2020  REPORTS               GPTAM

Cyberspace (Expanded Format) GPTAM

MAY 02,   2020  REPORTS              GP,  OPTAM

Cyberspace (Expanded Format) GPOPTAM

MAY 01,   2020  REPORTS              GPOPTAM

Cyberspace (Expanded Format) GP,  OP,  TAM

APRIL 30,   2020  REPORTS           GPOP

Cyberspace (Expanded Format)   GPOP

APRIL 29,   2020  REPORTS          FON,  TAM,  WRD

Cyberspace (Expanded Format) FON,  TAMWRD

APRIL 28,   2020  REPORTS         FON,  WRD

Cyberspace (Expanded Format) FONWRD

APRIL 27,   2020  REPORTS         FON,  WRD

Cyberspace (Expanded Format)  FON,  WRD

APRIL 26,   2020  REPORTS         GP OPTAM

Cyberspace (Expanded Format) GP,  OPTAM

APRIL 25,   2020  REPORTS         GPOPTAM

Cyberspace (Expanded Format) GP,  OP,  TAM

APRIL 24,   2020  REPORTS          GP,  OPTAM

Cyberspace (Expanded Format) GPOPTAM

APRIL 23,   2020  REPORTS         GPOP

Cyberspace (Expanded Format)GPOP

APRIL 22,   2020  REPORTS         FONTAMWRD

Cyberspace (Expanded Format)  FON,  TAMWRD

APRIL 21,   2020  REPORTS          FON WRD

Cyberspace (Expanded Format) FON WRD

APRIL 20,   2020  REPORTS          FONWRD

Cyberspace (Expanded Format) FONWRD

APRIL 19,   2020  REPORTS          GPOPTAM

Cyberspace (Expanded Format)  GP OP,  TAM

APRIL 18,   2020  REPORTS          GPOPTAM

Cyberspace (Expanded Format)  GPOP,  TAM

APRIL 17,   2020  REPORTS         GPOPTAM

Cyberspace (Expanded Format)  GPOPTAM

APRIL 16,   2020  REPORTS          GP  OP

Cyberspace (Expanded Format)  GP,  OP

APRIL 15,   2020  REPORTS         FONTAMWRD

Cyberspace (Expanded Format) FON,  TAMWRD

APRIL 14,   2020  REPORTS           FON WRD

Cyberspace (Expanded Format)   FON WRD

APRIL 13,   2020  REPORTS           FONWRD

Cyberspace (Expanded Format)   FONWRD

APRIL 12,   2020  REPORTS            GP

Cyberspace (Expanded Format)  GP

APRIL 11,   2020  REPORTS            GPOP,  TAM

Cyberspace (Expanded Format) GP,  OPTAM

APRIL 10,   2020  REPORTS             GP, OPTAM

Cyberspace (Expanded Format)  GP OP,  TAM

APRIL 09,   2020  REPORTS              GPOP

Cyberspace (Expanded Format) GPOP

APRIL 08,   2020  REPORTS             FONTAM WRD

Cyberspace (Expanded Format)  FONTAMWRD

APRIL 07,   2020  REPORTS             FONWRD

Cyberspace (Expanded Format)  FONWRD

APRIL 06,   2020  REPORTS              FONWRD

Cyberspace (Expanded Format) FONWRD

APRIL 05,   2020  REPORTS                GP,   OP,   TAM

Cyberspace (Expanded Format)  GP,  OPTAM

APRIL 04,   2020  REPORTS                GP,  OP,  TAM,   GG

Cyberspace (Expanded Format)  GP,  OP,  TAM,   GG

APRIL 03,   2020  REPORTS                GP,  OP,  TAM,  GG

Cyberspace (Expanded Format)   GP,  OP,  TAM,  GG

APRIL 02,   2020  REPORTS       GP,  OP,  GG

Cyberspace (Expanded Format)  GP,  OP,  GG

APRIL 01,   2020  REPORTS         FONTAM WRD

Cyberspace (Expanded Format)  FON, TAM,   WRD

MARCH 31,   2020  REPORTS         FON WRD

Cyberspace (Expanded Format)  FON WRD

MARCH 30,   2020  REPORTS         FONWRD

Cyberspace (Expanded Format)  FONWRD

MARCH 29,   2020  REPORTS         TAMGP,  OP,  GGSA

Cyberspace (Expanded Format) TAM,  GP,  OP,   GGSA

MARCH 28,   2020  REPORTS          GPTAMOPGG,  SA

Cyberspace (Expanded Format)  GP,  TAM,  OP,  GG,  SA

MARCH 27,   2020  REPORTS          TAM,  GPOPGGSATP

Cyberspace (Expanded Format) TAM,  GPOP,  GG,  SA,  TP

MARCH 26,   2020  REPORTS         GPOPGGTP

Cyberspace (Expanded Format)  GPOPGG,  TP

MARCH 25,   2020  REPORTS          FG,  GPHOUTAM,  WRD  (FON)

Cyberspace (Expanded Format)  FG,  GP,  HOU,  TAM,  WRD  (FON) 

MARCH 24,   2020  REPORTS        FON,   HOU WRD

Cyberspace (Expanded Format)   FON HOU,   WRD

MARCH 23,   2020  REPORTS        FONMVR, WRD

Cyberspace (Expanded Format)  FONMVR, WRD

MARCH 22,   2020  REPORTS        TAM,  GPFGOPGG,  SA

Cyberspace (Expanded Format)  TAM,  GP,  FG, OP,  GG,  SA


Cyberspace (Expanded Format)  FG GP,  TAM,  LRL,  OP,  GG,  SA,  TP,  CT,  HOU  (MVR)

MARCH 20,   2020  REPORTS          TAMGP,  LRL,  AQUFG,  OP,  GG,  SA,  TP,  CTHOU

Cyberspace (Expanded Format)    TAM,  GP,  LRL AQU,  FG,  OP,  GG,  SA,  TP,   CTHOU


Cyberspace (Expanded Format)    GP,  FG,  OP,   GG,  PEN,  TP,  CT


Cyberspace (Expanded Format)   TAMGP,  HOU,  FG,  PENCT

MARCH 17,   2020  REPORTS        HOU ,  WRD, SUN  (MVR)

Cyberspace (Expanded Format)     HOU ,  WRD, SUN  (MVR)

MARCH 16,   2020  REPORTS                WRD,  TUP  (MVR)

Cyberspace (Expanded Format)        WRD,  TUP  (MVR)


Cyberspace (Expanded Format)   TAM,  GP,  LRLAQU,  FG,  OP,  GGSA,  TUP


Cyberspace (Expanded Format)  GP,  TAM,  PRX,  LRL,  TPAQU,  FGOP,   GG,  SA,  PENCT,  HOU  (MVR)   

MARCH 13,   2020  REPORTS                 TAM,  GP,  LRL,  AQU,  OPGGFGPENTPCTHOU

Cyberspace (Expanded Format)           TAM,  GP,  LRL AQU,  OP,  GG,  FG,  PENTPCTHOU

MARCH 12,   2020  REPORTS               GPFGOPGGPENTPCT

Cyberspace (Expanded Format)        GP,  FG,  OP,  GG,  PEN,   TP,  CT

MARCH 11,   2020  REPORTS              TAMGPHOUFGTUPPEN,  CT

Cyberspace (Expanded Format)        TAM,  GP,  HOU,  FG,  TUP,  PEN, CT

MARCH 10,   2020  REPORTS                 PRXHOU,   TUP  , SUN, (MVR)

Cyberspace (Expanded Format)         PRX, HOU,   TUP  , SUN, (MVR)

MARCH 09,   2020  REPORTS                 PRXTUP  (MVR)

Cyberspace (Expanded Format)          PRXTUP  (MVR)


Cyberspace (Expanded Format)       TAM,  GPLRL, AQU,  FG,  OPGG,  SA,  TUP  


Cyberspace (Expanded Format)    GP,  LRL,  TAM,  PRX,  AQU,  FG,  OP,  TUP,  SA,   GGTPPEN,  CT,  HOU

MARCH 06,   2020  REPORTS                 LRLTAMGPAQUFG,  OPGG,  SATP,  CT,  HOU

Cyberspace (Expanded Format)        LRL,  TAM,  GP,   AQU,  FG,  OPGG,  SATPCTHOU

MARCH 05,   2020  REPORTS                 GPFGOPGG,  PENTPCT

Cyberspace (Expanded Format)           GP,  FG,  OPGG,  PEN,  TP,  CT 

MARCH 04,   2020  REPORTS                TAMGPHOUTUPPENCT

Cyberspace (Expanded Format)        TAMGP,  HOU,  TUP,  PEN,  CT     

MARCH 03,   2020  REPORTS                 PRX TUP , SUN (MVR)

Cyberspace (Expanded Format)               PRX,  TUP , SUN (MVR)

MARCH 02,   2020  REPORTS                 PRXTUP  (MVR)

Cyberspace (Expanded Format)            PRXTUP  (MVR)

MARCH 01 , 2020  REPORTS                  LRLTAM,  GPAQUFGOPTUP, SUN,  SA,  GG

Cyberspace (Expanded Format)       LRLTAMGPAQUFGOPTUPSUN,  SAGG


Cyberspace (Expanded Format) GP,  LRL,  PRX,

                                                                               TAM,  AQUFG,  OP TUPSA,  GG,  TP,  DED,   CTHOU


Cyberspace (Expanded Format) LRLTAMGP,  AQU,  FG,  OPGGSA,  TP,   DEDCTHOU